I Screwed My Shala’s Sweet Daughter

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi ISS readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization.I’m married and having two kids. My whole life is lustful indeed.

As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change costumes.

I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.

In the year 2007, I was posted in Jessore. I had to visit Khulna very often for my official tour. My shala (brother-in-law) Mr Quddus was residing in Khulna with his family. He has two kids, one son and one daughter. At that time his son Nantu was about 5 years and his daughter Sonali was about 17 years.

Sonali was studying in a college. Sonali’s mother Amena is very conservative lady, she never comes in front of me. My shala Quddus worked in a ship and he often stayed in the sea. Maximum days Amena stayed alone with her children, she had a maid servant who slept in Amena’s room and guarded her. When I went Khulna, I resided at my shala’s house, Amena also hosted me nicely. Because the days I stayed she felt relaxed from anxiety.

For long 2 years I visited Quddus’s house and his daughter Sonali gradually grew up in front of mebut I never look at her with bad intention. Sonali also very free with me and we had a friendly relation between us and that was fair and holy. But on the 12th May 2007 the whole structure broke.

As usual I went to Khulna on May 11 for 5 days tour. I reached there at the afternoon and the day was extremely hot. Quddus was not at home. The house had three rooms, one used as master bed room where my shala and his wife slept with their little son and other one was used my Sonali, the third one was the guest room and I always slept there.

I couldn’t sleep well for the whole night and at the dawn the heat became reduced and I slept deeply. When I woke up it was 8 am, usually I wake up at 6 am. I went the bathroom and washed and then I entered into Sonali’s room.

Sonali was reading on the bed leaning forward, her elbows were rested with the bed and she sat like a frog. I wished her and she raised her body by resting on her palms on the bed. She then didn’t change her night dress and the night gown’s top button was unbuttoned, otherwise it was deeply low cut. For that Sonali’s 32 size whitish breasts were fully visible till their mushroom-head shaped black nipples.

They were hanging nicely. My heart was throbbing and I was amazed to look that, I stared at her breasts. Sonali noticed me and she understood the case and descending her head she looked at her chest and saw that her breasts were fully visible. She soon grabbed the upper part of the gown and hid her breasts and looked at me.

She smiled at me and told to sit. I sat there and told her “you have grown up.” She shyly smiled and told “now I am studying in college, really I have grown up, can you realize now?” I laughed and left the room.

I was busy in the whole day for completing my official job and returned in the afternoon. As well as I went to sleep after lunch, in the dining table once I looked at Sonali exchange the glance and smiled. In the mid-night about 2 am the electricity went. The environment was so hot that it was impossible to stay in the room. So I went out from the room. I felt thirst and went to the dining table and drank a glass of water. When turned, I saw Sonali was coming out from her room. I asked her “could you too not stay in the room?”

She told “it is unbearable, in this hot weather the electricity goes.” Then again she told “Fupaji (uncle), let’s go on the roof, gentle breeze is blowing there.” I agreed “okay, let’s go.” She told “let me get the key of the garret first, may it is lying on my table.” She entered into her room and soon returned and told that the key was found.

We went upstairs and Sonali unlocked the door of the garret and we rode on the roof. She locked the door again. Really gentle sweet wind was blowing, my body became cool. There was a brick-wall about 2 feet high at the middle of the roof. I proposed Sonali “let’s sit there.” I sat on the wall and Sonali sat beside my left side, I got a scent from Sonali’s body which was so sexy.

I asked her “how your mom is sleeping in her room?” She informed “they have rechargeable fan, otherwise there is a verandah adjacent the room, they can sit there, and sufferings are only for me.” I solaced her “don’t be silly, you are only daughter of your parents, they always take care you.”

The environment became sadly, so Sonali laughed and told “leave it, now told me how you enjoy your tour?” I kept my left hand on her shoulder, my left palm rested on her left shoulder. I told “tell about yours, how is running your study, college?”

Sonali gladly answered “fine, I am enjoying my college, new college, new friends, new environment, new teachers.” I added “new boyfriend, yes?”Sonali denied me, “no Fupa, I have no boyfriend, because my complexion is black.” Sonali was not really black, she had slightly dark complexion but with prominent eyes and stiffed nose her appearance beautiful.

I told “no no, you are not black but you are so beautiful to look at”. I advanced my left hand forwards and my wrist rested on her left shoulder. My palm hanged from her shoulder just above her left breast. I again asked “swear me, have you not any boyfriend?”

I forwarded my hand again, now my elbow rested on her neck and my palm hanged over her left breast. Sonali laughed and told “yes, there is one, but he is very innocent.”She again added “do you know, my friend Joyeeta tells I look like Kajol.” She was giggling. I told “nothing wrong, she tells the truth, you are really beautiful.

I swung my arm and my fingers rubbed her left nipple,she wore night gown, so she didn’t wear bra. Sonali shivered like she got an electric shock. I asked “what happened?” Sonali gave a blow on my left thigh and told “really you became very naughty.” I again swung my hand to and fro and then rubbed with more press. She didn’t response, so I gathered more courage and I rested my palm on her left breast and slightly grabbed.

My finger tips touched Sonali’s breast’s base, I felt soft muscle. I applied pressure on my elbow, her body closed with mine.I asked Sonali “have he kissed you.” She turned at me and gave some blow with her fist on my chest and told, “Fupa, you are so wicked”.

When she returned again, my fingers held her whole left breast. I acted as pulling her towards me pressed on her breast, my fingers dipped in the soft muscle of her breast. Sonali didn’t hesitate or obstruct me, I got the courage to grab her breast. I told “your lips are so nice that, when I see, willing to kiss.” She told “you have kissed me earlier many times.”

I told “that was on your cheek or forehead with affection but now I willing to kiss on your lips with love, do you know love kisses are always be on lips?” She giggled “Fupa, you have been very naughty, I see, you are very dangerous man for girls, God knows how Fupu (my wife) tackles you?”I didn’t waste more time, I grabbed Sonali’s left breast and pressed forcefully. She shouted in low tone “uhh, slowly, it hurts.” I laughed “okay, okay, I am now pressing softly.”

I grabbed her both the breasts and began to squeeze. Sonali relaxed her body with mine, she turned her body oppositely to give me easy access to grab her breasts. I held her face hand kissed on her lips and suckedherjuicy lips. I raised her gown at her throat and then I again grabbed her voluptuous breasts and began to squeeze.

The bare breasts were so soft and round, there was no light in the dark night, though I could see its black tiny nipples. I descended my head and took one breast in my mouth and began to suck. Sonali began to moan AAAHH AAAAHH AAAHHHH AAAAHHH AAAAHHH AAAHHH AAHHHH IIIISSSSHHHHH UUUHHHH. Gradually she laid on my lap. In the meantime my penis erected and became hard like an iron mast. When she laid my penis poked on her back.

Sonali grabbed my penis and began to press tightly. I showed her to move her hand up and down. It was obstructed by my lungi, so she raised my lungi and grabbed my bare penis and began to move her hand up and down. She caressed my circumcised penis head, I was kneading her breasts with more pressure but that time it was not hurting.

After few minutes Sonali took my penis into her mouth and began to suck it, at a time she handled my penis. I stretched my hand and reached at her pussy. She wore nothing under her night gown. I felt sparse pubic hairs at her pubic area. I inserted my finger into her pussy crack, I felt her clitoris, it was slippery with her pre cum. I leaned my body over her and laid her on her back I astride on her body and rested on my foot.

At that position I inserted my penis into Sonali’s mouth for sucking and touched my nose with her pussy lips to sniff the vagina’s sweet sexy aromaand thenI began to lick her young pussy. I got saline test at her clitoris, her pussy was covered with sparse but long pubic hairs, it felt like fiber of the palm in my mouth. I rubbed and caressed her clitoris and she whimpered in ecstasy.

After about 10 minutes or so I got up and sat on the wall again. I raised Sonali and stood her at my face to face. Then she astride on my thighs. I held my penis and set with her pussy hole. Sonali herself grabbed my penis and set at her pussy hole and gave slight press and my circumcised penis head popped into her pussy.

Then I grabbed her shoulder and gave a sudden pressure downwards. She screamed and I felt my penis shoved about half-length into her pussy. She was a virgin and her hymen had torn just now. I felt a warm stream oozed at my groin and balls. I realized that her pussy was bleeding and I halted for little moment. She was shivering and hugging me.

I kissed on her face, lips and sucked her tongue. After few minutes Sonali herself moved and raised her waist about 2 inches and again pressed downwards. Her pussy lips touched my pubic area, this is the full length shoved into her pussy. I felt her womb at my penis head. Her tight pussy wall grasped my penis tightly.

Then Sonali began to rise upwards and lowered downwards. I was kneading her breasts and kissing her. After about 20 minutes Sonali began to moan and hissed AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AHH AHH AH AH AH AH AH AHHHH AH AHH AH AH AAH AHHH AHH AHHH AHH AHH AUU AHA UIIISSSHHH SSSIIISHH IIIIIIIIIISSSHHHH. I asked Sonali “how you are feeling?”

She smiled “unprecedented, I am living in the heaven, please hugged me tightly, I am dying in joy.” I hugged her tightly; I realized that she reached at her orgasm.Within two minutes she began to churn her waist and I thought her pussy is a mortar and my penis is a pestle and she stirred something with it.

Sonali held my penis tightly with her pussy wall and spurted her semen, which oozed from her pussy and drenched my balls and groins. In the meantime the electricity came and Sonali went to bathroom. I went my room and saw that my lungi was drenched with blood.

Next night I couldn’t sleep and hoped that Sonali must come to my room. At about 1 am when I just went in nap I heard a sound and woke up. I saw Sonali was entering my room, soon she came to my bed and told “why I have to come your room? Can you not go to me?

Remember, from tomorrow night you will awake me.” I laughed and told “okay okay, need not to take a pique at me, now let’s enjoy.” Then I hugged her and after pre course I fucked her. After that when I went Kulna I passed a nice time with Sonali, nobody knows.”

Now she is staying in abroad for her higher education. She often phones me and banters like “my dear hero, I feel very lonely here, really I miss you. When I think you my vagina becomes wet. When I will return, I want you for a full day and night.” I laughed “okay dear, return fast.”


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